((Start-up post, let’s go~))

In the Promethean ‘verse, the band was currently stationed in a small town. There wasn’t much to it—a few small buildings, stores, and houses—but it was meant to be more of a pit-stop than anything else.

The van was parked at a small gas station, and currently, Rabbit was patching up the engine while the others were off doing various chores. he only other band member with him at the moment was The Jon, who was supposed to be cleaning the van of clutter.

"Hey, Th’Jon? Did you f-f-find my other wrench yet?"

"Nope! But look!" The Jon poked his head out, showcasing a rainbow-colored yo-yo. "I found it under the passenger seat!"

Rabbit flashed his brother a thumbs-up, though yo-yo’s weren’t going to fix the engine, and would probably just serve to distract The Jon further anyway.

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